A transaction processing system for CMS & TSO

What's New? - 2012    

End of August, September, October, November, and  December 2012

Not productive months for KICKS...

End of July 2012

Found & fixed a couple of minor 'golden' bugs; posted to forum along with 'upload history'.

End of June 2012

Posted 'Golden' 1.4.1 rc2 to Yahoo KICKS forum.

End of May 2012

Some last minute additions to rc2 of the 'Golden' version. Mostly documentation and clean up of the example programs. Also keyboard locking default changed from always unlocked to program control (via FREEKB) with a SIT parameter to allow legacy KICKS operational feel.

End of April 2012

Worked on a set of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

End of March 2012

Posted 1.4.0 for CMS & TSO.

End of February 2012

Completed VSE/VSAM testing on a VM/ESA system. This was the last VSE/VSAM IBM sold for VM, so I'm confident KICKS will work with this VSAM installed on more modern z/VM systems as well.

End of January  2012

Posted "Taste of the coming KICKS 1.4.0 release" (CMS version only).

Worked on web site updates to reflect addition of CMS version.

Found a site with the most current version of VSE/VSAM installed on VM, so have resumed effort to get KICKS CMS vsam support running there too...


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