What's New?

Web page(site) revamped! Looking for the old page? here

Also, established a Yahoo Forum for VAM so you can easily ask questions. See the Forum link to the left.

Uploaded AM-310, AM-320 and AM-600 tech manuals. Thanks Roger Lewis!

Preview of 1.1 release, with code cleanup & easier single file input/output via TTY reader/punch through enhancements to the PS3 simulation. No new doc yet thou...

Minor update to 'makefile' needed for installation in newer CYGWIN.

First update in ages. Moved pdf & tgz files, Added AM62 Owner's Manual I found elsewhere online.

Declaring final victory! Posting version 1.0 (just some minor fixes for more modern OS's).
One of the mirror sites went payware (???), so I changed all the links here to point back into my own (free) site. Also compressed all the PDF's for faster downloaded, and OCR'd them for enhanced usability.

Posting a version (0.904 snapshot) with floating point fixes and some fixes for newer versions of GCC.

Pointed most of the older tgz and pdf links to a mirror site

Posting a version (0.901 snapshot) with Macintosh OSX support and other minor fixes. Would post some AMUS magazine scans but AMUS management forbids...

Posting a version (0.45 snapshot) with Telnet terminal server improvements and fixes.

Posting a version (0.442 snapshot) to let people play with new functionality. Long promised Telnet terminal server support!!

Posting scans of the AM-500 (Hawk Disk drive controller) hardware manual, scan of newer version of Basic manual, and scan of Basic XCALL subroutines manual. Also updating 0.4 snapshot to 0.42 with improved performance of am300 interrupt driven terminals in Windows (fixed halts and 'jumping'). Also some (but not all) floating point fixes necessary to pass the new 'CPU' diagnostic on the AMOS 4.6 container.

Posting scans of the LISP and PASCAL manuals! Many thanks to James Schuknecht for this and other help...

Posting AMOS 4.6 container (amos46.tgz).

Posting a version to let people play with new functionality. Better tape (am-600) support, tapfil, filtap, and tapdir -like utilities for the host side, am-300 serial card support (but no telnet yet), run time mount/unmount of disk, printer, and tape devices, reset and power off from front panel.
With good tape support the promise of a container build program goes away, but now there's a container build procedure: (1) In the host system, put the files you want onto a 'tape' with tapfil, (2) start the emulator, then in AMOS (a) mount a copy of the 'empty-container', (b) import the files from the 'tape' with filtap!

ALSO - I've uploaded a copy of the System Command Reference Manual - the book that describes every single command. I took the time to index it so it's pretty easy to find what you need in it's 400+ pages... And I have received a copy of AMOS 4.6. One of the things I found on the 4.6 disk was a newer version of the 'CPU' diagnostics that check the floating point operations (fmt11) and sure enough my fmt11 code has a few bugs! Hope to get those fixed and uploaded soon...

Posting a version to let people play with new functionality. Printing (am-320), Tape (am-600), multiple consoles (switch via ALT-0, ALT-1, ALT-2, ALT-3, etc), "Front Panel", POST diagnostics, instruction stepping, and on and on.

[1] I have decided the DIRSEQ bug is a combination of two things: (a) DIRSEQ is pretty fragile, crashing in a variety of usually nasty ways when it encounters unexpected things in the directory; and (b) the program I used to build the container files creates some of those unexpected things. Accordingly, the fix is to let AMOS make a file structure it completely likes. Instructions to do so with your existing containers are here: I've made the fix already to the amos50 distro below. I'll fix (and release) the container builder with the next code update.
[2] I also discovered why pascal was misbehaving. The .PCF files in [7,6] are supposed to be random, not sequential. I added a copy of my RSSR utility to [1,4] and converted the files. Now pascal works too! Again, fixes in the amos50 distro below.

03/31/2003 - Have slowed WAY down since November! Scanned another couple of manuals, reposted previously posted manuals as PDFs, posted slightly newer version of software most notably correcting TCALL bug found and fixed by Frank Crow. This fix apparently enables LISP to work, though not knowing LISP and being without a manual I can't tell...

1/1/2003 - 1.0 release

12/1/2002 - 0.4 release

11/15/2002 - The 11/6 update died 11/14. Didn't expect a 'Y2K' kind of thing but 'Oh Well'. Reposted as v0.3c, fixing the bug that caused the death of 0.3b and adding a config (.ini) file. Also has a fix for some of the W98 problems people have had.

11/6/2002 - Added manuals for am-120, am-210 cards and for AlphaFIX. Added it.bas tiny benchmark program. Reposted v0.3 (b) to fix $README file typos, improve bank swap configuration with SYSMEM, provide an 'empty' container, and fix the clock drift problem. Last is real reason to repost - since people are trying to benchmark they need a solid clock. Side effect is no need to enter date & time! Note the AMOS release is also reconfiged for the optimized bank swapping so this emulator should be used with this amos container unless you are ready to fix broken system.ini's...

11/1/2002 - 0.3 release

10/28/2002 - Posted v0.3; boots AMOS, runs basic. I'm calling the November release 0.3 after all. Not 'cause it has the AM300 stuff (no closer) but because it has so much else.

10/20/2002 - I've not been following my schedule. Earlier this month I got AMOS to boot and I've been playing with it, finding and fixing bugs, and so on. To do that I built a generic virtual disk system and emulation for a PS3 interface to the SYSIN/SYSOUT files (ie, console i/o). I expect to release the cleanest version I can by the end of the month. But the am300 stuff is way behind and won't be there. I expect to call the end of month version 0.25, holding 0.3 for the am300 capable version later on...

10/1/2002 - 0.2 release

9/28/2002 - Release 0.2 - Has line clock, does interrupts. Cpu and Clock independent threads. Passes 'CPU' program diagnostics.

9/17/2002 - fixed SERIOUS bug in 0.1, making interim 0.1b (no longer online). Also zipped up the files using tgz (gzipped tar) format for each release.

9/11/2002 - Updated schedule, added link to Alex Begin email authorizing use of Alpha Micro material.

9/8/2002 - Added some scanned manuals and source code for "CPU" diagnostic utility. See links near end of this page.

9/1/2002 - 0.1 release

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