am100-1.1.tgz            10/17/2012 VAM 1.1 preview
amos50.tgz               AMOS 5.0 distribution (hopefully complete and unmodified)
amos46.tgz               AMOS 4.6 distribution with some diagnostics
it.bas                   Little basic benchmark program.  45:1 ?

am100  tech manual       Scan of AM-100  board(s) hardware manual  
am120  tech manual       Scan of AM-120  board hardware manual  
am200  tech manual       Scan of AM-200  board hardware manual  
am210  tech manual       Scan of AM-210  board hardware manual  
am300  tech manual       Scan of AM-300  board hardware manual  
am310  tech manual       Scan of AM-310  board hardware manual  
am320  tech manual       Scan of AM-320  board hardware manual  
am500  tech manual       Scan of AM-500  board hardware manual  
am600t tech manual       Scan of AM-600T board hardware manual  
                                (AM-600T is 'tall' version of AM-600)
am62 owner's manual Scan of AM-62 owner's manual (found elsewhere online) wd16 tech manual Scan of WD-16 manual (describes the AM-100 assembler language instruction set) AMOS User's Guide Scan of AMOS User's Guide AMOS Asm Lang Pgmr Guide Scan of AMOS Assembly Language Programmer's Manual AMOS Monitor Calls Scan of AMOS Monitor Calls Manual AMOS AlphaLISP Scan of AMOS AlphaLISP Manual AMOS AlphaPascal Scan of AMOS AlphaPascal Manual AMOS AlphaFIX Scan of AMOS AlphaFIX & DDT Manual AMOS AlphaVUE Scan of AMOS AlphaVUE Manual AMOS AlphaBasic Scan of AMOS AlphaBasic Manual AMOS AlphaBasic (old) Scan of older version of the AMOS AlphaBasic Manual AMOS Basic XCALL subs Scan of AMOS AlphaBasic XCALL Subroutines Manual AMOS ISAM System Scan of AMOS ISAM System User's Manual AMOS 4.5 Sys Cmd Ref Man Scan of AMOS 4.5 System Commands Reference Manual - One (usually more) pages on every amos command! - indexed for easier lookup... AMOS 4.5 Software Update Scan of AMOS 4.5 update documentation - documents the standard AlphaBasic .SBRs - documents some less used commands like DUMP, EDIT, and PDL - lots of "system operator" info like: how to setup the system.ini file, how to setup the printer spooler, how to setup banked switched memory, and so forth AMOS TXTFMT User's Man. Scan of AMOS TXTFMT User's Manual

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