AMUS - Alpha Micro User Society

Formed in 1978, the Alpha Micro Users Society (AMUS) was an organization supported by members to promote the uses of computers manufactured by Alpha Microsystems. The basic purpose expanded, over the years, from merely a focal point for the exchange of technical information on its use and versatility, to promotion of products (Software and Hardware) from Alpha Microsystems and various third party organizations having an interest in users of Alpha Micro computers.

At it's peak it had over 3000 members world wide, in the US, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Europe, Pacific Rim, Australia, the Far, Near and Middle East.

It published a newsletter periodically providing articles on various business and technical aspects of owning, operating and maintaining an Alpha Micro computer. They held user conventions where members attended and visited with other members and could see, first hand, what was available from Alpha Micro and other vendors servicing the Alpha Micro community.

They once operated a web site, From an internet archive of that site (October 27, 2003) their contact info is (was)

210 N. Iris Ave

Rialto CA 92376-5727

Phone (909) 874-6214 Fax: (909) 874-2143


AMUS LOG - AMUS monthly newsletter

AMUS Monitor Articles    series of AMUS articles on AMOS monitor

I've a box of AMUS newsletters given me by another collector. Unfortunately when I last asked someone from the original AMUS organization if it was OK to scan and post these they told me 'NO'.  Box contents:

1983 - all but issues 1,2,7, & 12
1984 - complete
1985 - complete
1986 - complete
1987 - complete
1988 - complete
1989 - complete
1990 - all but issues 2, 6-12
1991 - all but issues 1-9
1992 - all but issues 10-12

From my review of this material I see it is mostly concerned with the newer AMOS/L systems, not the earlier WD16 based systems VAM emulates. The pre-1983 issues, which I do not have, are probably much more useful sources of programs for use with VAM.

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